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if she is aggressiveshe is hormonalthat’s naturaland yet an anomalyshe is unacceptableshe is crazy- periodicallyand yet it is something that is running in her veinswhich she must be treated for when she speaks with anger, she is against her very self, she speaks aloneno one with or for heranger is a manifestation of her un-femininityif he is aggressive, […]

desire is sea

why fear the exhaustion of love?in saying it will never finishbut the words like rain on seawill swell and replenish why fear the exuberance of desire?it will not drown nor overwhelmbut like the rising tide in the distancecarry you like a floating feather,cradled in its frothor break, as you wait,in a gentle kissing of your […]

blind sight

blindmy heart is blindblindmy art is blindif I closemy binding eyesI have opened themto lightI trust in going inwith the clarityof the blind and then the fogis liftingto the song ofyour fragrancethe fogis liftinglike doubtto faith yielding truth is whatI tracewhen I haveopened my eyesto blind sightwhen I release old waysand touch withthe skin of […]


how did you staythis long, in here, like this, they askof me the captive,after release from the dark‘escape’ is more like it thoughI think but I do not speakhard raw bleeding escapefrom long back-breaking captivitythat was called a marriage upon being freethey all deem it fit,those that sympathiseunderstand my agonyfriends, do-gooders, family,aides of mine, they opinewhy did […]


have you wondered whyviolence desires silence?the less you revealthe more blood it can spillwhatever the placewhichever the causeviolence wantsto be felt not heardhave you ever wondered howviolence would lose its punchits drunken highshould each act be followedby a deafening crythat is heard and cared for?if every time he battered heror a bomb was dropped in a […]


the thing about conversationis that it is never completeit cons you into thinkingthat there hangs a totalityin the reaching, stretchingof muscles of the neck, of fingersto touch one another’s thinkingwith words, that the other returnsthings lost to youno one tells you but realiseafter its long overthat you are more halves nowthan ever beforeyet another person […]

beaten and beating

you beat down farmersyou beat down the oldyou beat down studentsyou beat down the youngyou beat down the believerswho believe differently, who believeyou beat down the non-believerswho don’t believe in you or yoursyou beat down women, children, loversyou beat down Dalit, Muslims, tribals,you beat down the proud, the poor, the different,you render them naked, powerlessyou […]