if she is aggressive
she is hormonal
that’s natural
and yet an anomaly
she is unacceptable
she is crazy- periodically
and yet it is something 
that is running in her veins
which she must be treated for

when she speaks with anger, 
she is against her very self, she speaks alone
no one with or for her
anger is a manifestation of 
her un-femininity
if he is aggressive, a man after all
if he is aggressive that’s great
it’s in the hormones, 
to his manhood it adds weight
its natural, accept it
celebrate it,
he is hot for aggression 
is coursing through his veins

if he were otherwise he would be a saint
nothing to treat, nothing to lose here,
all to gain 
when a man shows aggression
just beat a retreat
take a few hits and then make love
it’s in

when he speaks with anger,
he is held up by a thousand tongues
it’s a man’s birth right to be angered
he has long suffered in domination
he does you a favour when he is not

they must be right those who opine
gender has nothing to do with language
one gender’s illness is another’s glory
the same words and emotions
write for men and women opposite stories
not language nor politics,
no contradictions here
just nature running its course
making society’s injustice
through its silent subjugation,
crystal clear

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